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Posted on Saturday, October 5th, 2013
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Film or digital?

Yes, the article is about the classic clishee wich begin with "in the good old times..." or "back in the day when..." and it fits perfectly in the old rivalry of film and digital. Who wins? Nobody. both have their advantages and charms, but for me, film will will always be an important part of photography, which I grew and learned with by trial end error. I must mention that all the photos that you see in this post are scans from color or black & white film, processed manually, without any digital retouching.

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I'm working on digital for over 4 years now, but from time to time, while browsing for files in my computer I stumble uppon various frames scanned from film, shot before I even owned a digital camera body (Canon EOS 5D - my first digital camera). Well, that is the moment I stop and go get a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or whatever fits the moment best, and start shuffling through the files of films carefully stored in a cool and dry place. Looking at the negatives, or even the positive films (these are stunning, by the way) gives you a feeling unmatched by the digital crafts in my opinion, you just can't get the same amount of feelings and emotions from a jpeg file... and I'm not talking here about the image quality, sharpness, color accuracy or the perfect focus.


You get more attached by the film frames rather than digital ones, and this I can explain by making a short comparison of the steps involved in obtaining the image - in film or digital; on digital, you expose, copy the file on your PC or notebook and voila, you have the image, stored somewhere digitalii, in a cold electronic world... but on the other side, getting the exposure is not enough, developing is also a crucial part of making the picture, moments which bring you closer to the captured images and more involved in the process (I'll write soon an article about developing film, both color and black & white).


The final conclusion isn't one in which you can clearly define a winner. It would be impossible this day to shoot all your work on film, but you can not disregard it's place in photography as it's pioneer.

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Post by Paul Marian.