Infra red

Posted on Friday, October 4th, 2013
On day i was thinking how would the world look in in a spectrum of light not visible to the eye. First, if you want to do this with motion pictures or stills you need a camera or camcorder with a removable IR blocking filter. Not many have this option. But still there are some with nightshot mode which can be used for this purpose but are limited in terms of exposure and iso (becouse some guys used this to see through clothes) but can be tweaked like this one of mine. On the other hand you can manually remove the IR blocking filter from any camera, video or still by disassembling the body. I had one already with this option from Sony, the h9. Than you have to block the rest of the light that is visible to the eye. This can be done using many neutral density filters or a filter that blocks all the light except the infrared. The results are quite interesting i might say.








DSC08678 Article by Rotea Dan